Newsfeeds, multi-screens and billboards are the everyday mediums through which we consume the images that define our cultural climate. Our visual landscape is overwhelmed with glossy images that convey contradictory messages designed to sell us commodities, lifestyles and aspirations. There is no time to think, because in the time that you spent processing, another image just appeared to take the place of one you were only just beginning to understand. Everything is visualized, consumed but never addressed. This is the spectacle. It is the ruling order’s nonstop discourse about itself. Race, war, diversity, violence, environmentalism, terrorism and poverty are all a part of it. Protest and counter visuals make interruptions, but seldom overturn. The spectacle is authoritarian, dominating all aspects of life. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to make sense of what we are seeing and, sometimes, passively receiving. Help us define, visualize and counteract the spectacle.

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