Ahnansé: Beat Science

Ahnansé aka Wayne Francis presents his new project Beat Science, in 3D sound

Sound artist Ahnansé likens his role to that of a musical storyteller exploring themes around identity, ancestral legacy and afrofutrism. In a project he has named Beat Science, Ahnansé draws on his rich and immersive musical practice by merging sampling techniques with live instruments. Rather than using notes for the compositions, the idea is to capture the feel of a tune, becoming the basis for improvised collective compositions. Ultimately, however, the songs will speak for themselves. Every month one Beat Science session will be filmed before the series is released in its entirety at the end of the year. People are invited to participate in the project by attending the recording sessions, which he calls The Assembly, and watch the project unfold in its making. Beat Science is designed for headphones. The sessions are recorded using special, binaural microphones which pick up sound in 3D. “It’s the closest thing to being in the room with the musicians. We recorded Beat Science in such a way so that the camera acts as your eyes and the mic as your ears” Ahnansé explained in an interview. “We want the audience to feel like they’re in the room with us and experiencing those moments when it feels like the musicians are playing in absolute harmony, almost as if they share a single brain.” This particular session features Eddie Hicks on drums, Alex Rita on vocals, Nubya Garcia on tenor saxophone, Mutale Chashi on Bass and Ahnansé, on keys and alto saxophone.

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