Is this the end?

Let’s start at the end. Submit to issue 9

Let’s start at the end. Consider its alternatives and the narratives that precede it. At a time when it feels like many of the stories that define the present are about to reach a conclusion, climax, summit or cliff-edge, we invite you to reflect on and travel down possible pathways. Endings are not predetermined. Every ending is also a possible beginning. So we ask you: is this the end? We want your non-fiction, art, photography, fiction, poetry and all things creative. Submit to Is This The End? on all things related to:

Life after death, prophecies, thresholds, rewriting endings, things that just won’t die, breakups, happy endings, split ends, dead ends, intermissions, the end of time, extinctions, underscore, reboots, comebacks, sequels, endless love, annihilation, the end of an era, becoming obsolete, the day after, last words, open endings, burn out, new beginnings, recycling, the end of childhood, happily ever afters.

Submit your work to by the 29th March 2019.

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