Mickey Blue Eyes

Me cyan do de jamaican accent

Me cyan do de jamaican accent More offensive than Pitt’s Mickey Blue Eyes the sound of one grappling for roots is more hoarse than a liar clearing their throat. De language nah mek no sense more comfortable with pas toi than patoi Result of paternal roots unwatered result of paternal’s roots unwatered too so absence is inherited and watered too. Seeds of lack germinate – threatening growth. Severed from one of many mother lands yet like ghost limbs, a faint whiff of hands ancestral and tongues linger in the back-ground. Embarrassed laughter called upon to hide the drought But an empty well’s echo is LOUD. Yeah like de belly dat grumble less food it have – mo sound it mek. Me cyan do de jamaican accent Me fada knows how but him neva teach me So here i stand making up sounds Hoping for an inheritance found.

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