Resources in the struggle for Palestinian liberation

Now is the time to vocalize our solidarity with Palestinians and mobilise around it. Here is a list of resources to help you get started.

In the waning days of Ramadan, the world is again witnessing another escalation of state-sanctioned and settler violence against Palestinians in Jerusalem, Gaza, and across Historic Palestine. 

Residents of the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood in Jerusalem have been facing increased violence by settlers and forced expulsion by Israel for years. Dozens of Palestinian families have been forcibly removed from their homes in Sheikh Jarrah and replaced by settlers. Now, more than 200 Palestinians face displacement. Over the past week, Israeli forces and armed settlers have attacked Palestinians who are refusing to be forcibly uprooted from their homes.

Sheikh Jarrah is a microcosm of the long struggle for Jerusalem, where for decades Israel has sought to enforce and consolidate a Jewish majority in the city. In East Jerusalem, which has been under Israeli military occupation since 1967, this has meant forcing Palestinians from their land through evictions, unequal residency rights, and a policy of displacement. This is a continuation of the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians since 1948.

Palestinians in Sheikh Jarrah and across Jerusalem and Historic Palestine have risen up in an unprecedented moment of unified protest, and are calling for freedom and liberation of their land and people. In response, Israeli settlers have attacked Palestinian families refusing to leave their homes, and targeted Palestinians all over Historic Palestine in lynch mobs. The Israeli military has waged multiple assaults on the holy site of Masjid Al-Aqsa, in what were the most sacred nights of Ramadan, attacking worshippers and desecrating the mosque compound. In the past week, Israel has bombed the Gaza Strip, killing at least 119 Palestinians, including 31 children, and wounding over 800 more (as of 14th May 2021). 

Now is the time to speak up. We must educate ourselves and those around us. We must vocalize our solidarity with Palestinians and mobilise around it. There are many ways you can take action: post on your social media accounts to raise awareness, amplify the voices and stories of Palestinians on the ground, talk to your friends, family, and colleagues about what is happening, plan an event at your workplace or school, write to your representative, or join a protest in your city. 

Below are some resources to help, including reading lists, people and organizations to follow and action items – this is an evolving resource that we will keep expanding as the movement grows.

Learn more: 

On Jerusalem

What’s Happening in Jerusalem? – @makanrights, Instagram

What is Happening in Sheikh Jarrah? – @theimeu, Instagram

History of Sheikh Jarrah in Pictures – Shafik Mandhai, Middle East Eye

The Untold Story of Sheikh Jarrah Dr Ramzy Baroud, Middle East Monitor

Sheikh Jarrah residents speak out on Israel’s forced expulsions – Ibrahim Husseini, AlJazeera

In East Jerusalem’s Sheikh Jarrah we see the essence of the Palestinian struggleMuna Dajani, Independent

Sheikh Jarrah and AfterTareq Baconi, London Review of Books

On Palestine

Decolonize Palestine

Palestine Reading List – collective Google Doc

Visualizing Palestine 101visualizing Palestine

A Day in the Life of Abed Salama – Nathan Thrall, New York Review of Books

Sheikh Jarrah highlights the violent brazenness of Israel’s colonialist project – Noura Erakat and Mariam Barghouti, Washington Post

Defiance in the face of Israeli aggression gives Palestinians everywhere hope – Ziad al-Qattan, Guardian

Israeli nationalists target mixed citiesTobias Buck, Financial Times (from 2012)

Take action: 

Petition: Tell Congress: End U.S. complicity in Israel’s abuses of PalestiniansUS Campaign for Palestinian Rights

Petition: Stop Israel’s forced displacement of Palestinians from East Jerusalem!coalition of organisations

Write to your MP: Stop arming Israel

Share: The Palestinian Feminist Collective’s “A LOVE LETTER TO OUR PEOPLE” – if you are interested in reading this letter at any demonstration, please record it and email it to

Join the national demonstration for Palestine happening Saturday 22nd May across the UK:

Follow and amplify:  

Amplify the voices of Palestinians on the ground.

On Twitter


@AlMezanCenter Al Mezan Centre for Human Rights

@alhaq_org Al-Haq

@theIMEUThe IMEU (Institute for Middle East Understanding)

@AlShabaka – Al-Shabaka

@visualizingpalVisualizing Palestine

@meriponlineMiddle East Research and Information Project

@grassroots_qudsGrassroots Jerusalem 

@AddameerAddameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association

@JvpActionJewish Voice for Peace Action



























On Instagram


@eye.on.palestine Eye On Palestine

@addameer_pal – Addameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association

@hiddenpalestine – Hidden Palestine

@JVPAction – Jewish Voice for Peace Action

@adalahjusticeprojectAdalah Justice Project 


@PalestinianYouthMovementPalestinian Youth Movement

@USCPRUS Campaign Palestinian Rights


@Muna.Kurd15 – live from Sheikh Jarrah 










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