Skin Deep 6×60

Sunday 17 Apr 2016 at 12:00, Platform Southwark

Come join us for our first live Skin Deep event on the 17th April 2016. We’re bringing together 6 fresh collectives who are all working on race + culture in original and imaginative ways. Each group will run a 60 minute interactive session: there will be music, film, sound, art and lots of discussion. We want to create an immersive and inspiring space for the audience to enjoy.

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We’ll be hosting our friends at gal-dem, Voices that Shake!, Decolonising Our Minds Society, the Stuart Hall Foundation and sorryyoufeeluncomfortable. All these wicked groups will be one place, at one time – for one day only.

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2 – 3 sorryyoufeeluncomfortable will revisit some of our most recent work, exploring critical narratives through sound and dialogue in a collection of DJ Lectures and conversations. We will be thinking about gendered hierarchies in Black music, future narratives of African electronic sounds and (re)claiming contested/infected spaces in the present moment and in an Afrofuture too.

3 – 4 Decolonising Our Minds: Hierarchies of Knowledge – The ideas we come face to face with, the concepts we customarily use and discuss in order to interpret and make sense of the world around us, almost take the form of elementary starting principles – not just the foundation of our thought, but the core element we “need” in order to articulate it.

These ideas, whether in academic, popular or political conversation, have not appeared and become standardised by accident. If we consider the notion that different forms of knowledge and knowledge transmission might compete and interact, as an ongoing historical process, what determines the acceptance of some over others? If, further, we accept that knowledge is not pursued and consolidated in a vacuum, but as part of surrounding social and political processes, is it conceivable that particular forms of thought may have coercive or ideological motives?

5 – 6 Voices that Shake!: Re-membering, Re-[pair]rations & Reimagining is an open dialogue in building community in violent times. Exploring how black and brown communities can holistically build healthy and resilient communities. Using spoken word, visual cues, body mapping & story telling to look out how we practice truth telling, communicate in and out of our communities & engage in building narratives to ‘move’ our movements. We will co-create a three part strategy of community organizing 1) Re-membering ourselves and our communities 2) Healing and repairing our communities for reparations 3) Reimagining what justice looks like.

6 – 7 gal-dem: What does it mean to be British? What are the values you hold close and see as crucial foundations to your identity? How does being a person of colour and being British intersect? These are just a few will be exploring through a group discussion and then we invite any participants who feel comfortable doing so to be filmed for our next episode of Interlude, a video series curated by our gal-dem videographer, Ifama.

7.30 – 8.30 The Stuart Hall Foundation: Generations in Dub – intergenerational thinking through the sound of Jamaican music. This talk with music tracks played on Al Finger’s 80s sound system set explores some of the ways thinking through sound might open up new opportunities for intergenerational understanding. Music itself helps connect people in ways that text and image often do not. But the production techniques of the genre of dub (reverb, stripped down drum and bass) offer a rich vocabulary (resonances, rhythms, vibrations, echoes) that is especially sensitive to the kinds of relationships that are vital between generations. The dancehall sound system setting on which dub is designed to be played with its dub plate specials, versioning and MC chat also offers further tools for thinking generations through sound.

8.30 – 10 Meet Skin Deep fam + enjoy sounds from resident DJs Erica McKoy and Zakia Sewell

The event will be held at Platform in Southwark, a new temporary project space with a mission to encourage and promote groundbreaking art, music and performance. There will be home-cooked Nigerian food, baked goods and Skin Deep stuff for sale. Plus our resident DJs will be playing on Al Finger’s legendary sound system throughout the day and into the night.

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