17 - 17 Feb 2018, Platform Southwark

Come celebrate the launch of our 7th Skin Deep print edition, THE FOOD ISSUE.

The launch will be taking place at 5 PM— 9:30 PM on Saturday 17th February at Platform Southwark and will include music, conversation with contributors, performances and lots of delicious food. THE FOOD ISSUE features essays, artworks and reflections on your uncle’s recipe, nourishment, digestion, health & superfood fads, medicine, anti-diets, fast food, food waste, food histories, fishing, farming, class and access, and much more.

Tickets are £7, £9, £12, depending on what you can afford, and include a brand new copy of the print issue. Buy your ticket here.

If you can’t afford a ticket for whatever reason, send an email to and we’ll hook you up.

For additional info visit the Facebook event page.

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