We are currently accepting submissions for our latest print publication. Please see below for more information about the theme and general submissions guidelines. You can also find relevant information on how to submit pieces to our website.



Your uncle’s recipe, kitchens, food comas, digestion, disordered eating, health & superfood fads, medicine, the spice trade and colonialism, anti-diets, fast food, no food, food stamps, famine, food waste, food histories, fishing, farming, pesticides, class and access, food deserts, food quantities and measurements, national dishes, immigrants adapting recipes, restaurants, street food, supermarkets, fusion cuisine, appropriation, exploitation, politics of manufacturing, food advertising, climate justice, monocultures, markets and economics, food processing, seed sovereignty, agriculture, land grabs, food prices and protests, or why mushrooms are the ultimate anti-capitalist plants…


This is our food issue. We want to hear + see your ideas about what we’re making, growing and di/ingesting, about necessity and nourishment. Submit your essays, fiction, reviews, interviews, poetry, photography and art to us at print[at]

Deadline EXTENDED: 16th October 2017


At present Skin Deep is a completely volunteer run organisation. This is something we are actively seeking to change, as we believe people of colour should be paid for their artistic and intellectual labour. We will definitely be paying all those who contribute to our print edition, but we are currently in the process of applying for additional funding, so we are not yet sure how much exactly we will be able to pay each contributor. We will be sure to keep all our contributors updated over the next few weeks as we find out about funding.


Check out our submissions guidelines below:

Skin Deep publishes original essays, interviews, fiction, photo series, soundtracks, reviews and art.

We do not feature work that has previously appeared on the web or in print. We accept simultaneous submissions, but ask that you notify us if your work has been accepted elsewhere.

We also accept pitches before the submission of an actual manuscript/piece of work. Non-fiction and fiction pieces should be up to 2,000 words.


To submit to our website, please email submissions[at]

The submissions guidelines for website pieces can be found above.