About Us

Skin Deep is a London-based multimedia platform that amplifies voices of colour through the discussion of race and culture, inspiring much needed conversations around themes that are usually misrepresented or depoliticised by the mainstream media.

We are curating a space through our online platform, print publication and live events in which a diverse range of heritages, tastes, styles, stories, sounds, traditions and imaginings can be explored both creatively and politically.

We want the stories of people of colour to be told by people of colour, and for our audience to understand that race and identity is political, complex and multifaceted. We work with musicians, writers, artists and creatives to share their work, collaborate, and to produce original, innovative and thought-provoking content which is fresh, accessible, and doesn’t compromise on our values: prioritising the lives, narratives and aesthetics of people of colour.

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Editors: Anuradha Henriques + Lina Abushouk

Creative Director: Sylvia Hong

Art Editor: Arieh Frosh

Assistant Editor: Georgie Johnson

Editorial Assistants (Online): Edna Mohamed + Mend Mariwany

Web Developer: Jerome Toole

Resident Photographers + Filmmakers: Femi Anderson + Daisy Gaston

Contributing Music Editor: Zakia Sewell

Contributing Editor: A’Ishah Waheed